05 Jan,2016 | Cleaning

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

We get lots of questions and even though we do have a FAQ page on our website, I like to use this platform to go into a little more detail. Today I want to go over our customer satisfaction guarantee ? We always want and expect that our customers will be happy with the job the crew assigned does for you BUT they are human beings and as fantastic as they are there can be a “off” day or a cleaning style that doesn’t mesh with the customers preferred methods. We always want to take care of the customers when this happens.

Why don’t we offer money back? Because we get taken advantage of unfortunately. We prefer to send the crew out to fix the issues at a time that works for you. The reason we do this is ACCOUNTABILITY. There would be less incentive to do a good job if they knew we would just “take care of it” when something goes wrong.

What can you expect when the crew comes to fix something missed? A cheerful apologetic team. Our girls genuinely value your feedback as do we. They want you to be happy. The way we are structured, the girls make more by earning your regular business. If you choose to switch to another team or company that is one less job they have on their schedule. Regulars are what keeps going in the slow seasons. Plus they like knowing the homes and people they will be seeing. It makes the cleaning easier if you know what you are walking into each visit and it’s less awkward since that initial introduction is over with ?

ALSO! Cleaners are not one size fits all. Everyone does things differently. Sometimes it’s as easy as switching the team. What one person loves another may not.

So, while I like to think we are perfect the reality is nobody is. But we just ask if you ever have an issue, give us a call. No matter if it is big or small…We would love the chance to fix things.



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