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The Maid Place offers amazing and reputable carpet cleaning services in Plano, TX and surrounding areas. We’ve built a reputation based our consistency and reliability when it comes to carpet cleaning services. Whether you just need basic carpet cleaning or need a deep clean, we have the tools and experience to get the job done right. We send only well-experienced technicians with vast knowledge in the industry of Plano carpet cleaning. The solutions we offer are a great relief for homeowners, residents and business owners when they want their carpets deep cleaned or just want to bring them back to life.

The benefits you get when you choose The Maid Place

  • A team of technicians with industry-based experienced.
  • Knowledge of and ability to implement the most effective cleaning methods – for example, the hot extraction method.
  • Carpet stain removal.
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products, safe for children and animals.
  • Cleaning services available for all types of carpeting.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing.
  • Timely service. 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Advice on how to maintain and enhance the life of your carpet.

Why is regular professional carpet cleaning essential?

While carpet is one of the best flooring options, it’s essential to keep it clean and properly care for it through necessary maintenance. Along with routine cleaning and spot cleaning, it’s also important to have them cleaned professionally. Professional cleaning will help extend your carpet’s lifetime. Our cleaning technicians know what they’re doing. They will use techniques specific to the type of carpeting you have, and use eco-friendly products to clean it, keeping your family and/or pets in mind. Additionally, having your carpets cleaned regularly will help improve your family’s health. Carpets are known for trapping allergens, dust particles and bacteria. If you have a family member with asthma or other breathing problems, the dust particles that get trapped in carpet can make their breathing problems even worse. With professional carpet cleaning services, technicians will remove dust mites, bacteria and other contagions. This will help you and your family stay healthy and avoid breathing problems caused by allergens stuck in carpeting. In addition to increasing your carpet’s lifetime and creating a healthy living space, regular professional cleaning will enhance the general feel of your carpeted room(s).

The Maid Place – Our Approach and Methods

We’re a leading carpet cleaning provider in Plano, TX, offering high quality services at very competitive prices. There are two main types of carpet cleaning methods we offer. They are:

Hot water extraction method – The hot water extraction method is the newest and most effective cleaning method. It’s known to yield amazing results.

Dry cleaning – The dry cleaning method is an alternate to the hot water extraction method. It’s used for softer carpeting.

Hot water extraction method

One of the most popular carpet cleaning methods we use is the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. Firstly, the carpet is sprayed with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Next, hot water is inserted at a highly pressure deep into the carpet. The hot water has shown itself to be effective, as it breaks down dirt and oils immediately and removes them just as quickly. This method is highly recommended by Plano carpet cleaning experts and carpeting manufacturers. Hot water extraction is more effective for removing stains like coffee, wine, blood and other such substances. This process is also recommended for areas in the home that experience high foot traffic, dirt patches and more as it helps remove dirt and grime particles completely.

Dry cleaning method

At The Maid Place, we use dry carpet cleaning for carpets that are more delicate and vulnerable to moisture absorption. For softer, more sensitive carpeting, we advise against using the hot water extraction method. The dry cleaning method can get the job done without using any moisture. An effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution is spread with the use of special equipment, and that’s it – the cleaning has been completed! The end result is that all dirt will be removed, and your carpet will be as good as new. Our Plano carpet cleaning technicians use and recommend this method for non-water-resistant and delicate materials. This method is great in the sense that your carpeting will dry up as soon as the procedure has been completed.

With services offered by The Maid Place, you can have your carpeting revived and looking like new. Our experts also adjust their methods according to the nature of the carpet type.

Why book carpet cleaning with The Maid Place for your Plano home?

We use the latest technology and methods in the industry and they always yield amazing results. We have technicians who are fully-trained and have industry experience. They use industrial power equipment and safe and effective detergents to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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