Excellent house cleaning services in Plano

These days, people are so busy working and running errands that they rarely have any time for other activities, much less cleaning their home. That’s where we step in! The Maid Place offers all kinds of cleaning services to help keep your home clean.

We have a reputation of providing quality Plano house cleaning services. Our services will make your house look as good as new. We’ll take the load off of your shoulders, so you can spend more time with family or doing what matters most to you. We’ll take care of everything that needs cleaning in your home. We implement the best cleaning techniques and using cleaning products that are safe and will keep your home healthy and clean.

Why rely on The Maid Place for house cleaning services?

Making sure that your home looks great isn’t an easy task. Additionally, keeping your home clean is nearly impossible unless you have time devoted to cleaning. Consider hiring our staff for Plano house cleaning services if you want your home to look clean and beautiful, but just don’t have the time. Here are some reasons why Plano house cleaning services could benefit you:

Our team of professionals can get the job done right

Our house cleaning team consists of professional house cleaners who know cleaning methods for even the most difficult cleaning jobs. When you hire The Maid Place for your Plano house cleaning services, you’ll be hiring an experienced team who knows how to get the job done properly.Our staff will never rush through their jobs and will clean even the areas that you cannot normally reach.

We’ll leave your home clean and tidy

Our top priority when providing you with house cleaning services is making sure that your home is clean and tidy when we’re done. You’ll be able to rest at ease knowing that your home has been thoroughly cleaned.

You’ll have more time for family and other activities

While keeping your home is important, so is spending time with family and doing other things. By hiring The Maid Place for our Plano house cleaning service, you’ll be giving yourself more time to spend with friends and family.

We clean areas you didn’t think of cleaning

Many areas in your home need attention in cleaning, such as floors and countertops. Our staff will clean every bit of your space – even the places you may have overlooked. They’ll wipe down baseboards, doorknobs, light switches, garbage cans and other areas. They’ll also clean your bookshelves, picture frames, and hard-to-reach areas, such as light fixtures.

What do we include in our Plano house cleaning services?

Here is what you can expect from house cleaning services provided by The Maid Place:

Living spaces, bedrooms and common areas – Our house cleaning team will dust all the accessible areas and wipe down all of your glass items, mirrors and fixtures. All the surfaces – including the floors – will be cleaned, making your home clean and tidy.

Kitchen cleaning – We’ll also take care of all areas in your kitchen. We’ll dust everything, clean the floor surfaces and take out garbage, empty your sink and load the dishwasher, and wipe down the exterior of the fridge, stove and the oven.

Bathroom cleaning – We’ll clean the toilets, shower, tub and sink thoroughly. We will also wipe down all the mirrors and fixtures and clean all surfaces, including your floors.

How are the Plano house cleaning services provided by The Maid Place different from those by other places?

  • We hire experienced and well-trained cleaners.
  • Provide reliable, efficient and exceptional services.
  • Our services are offered at affordable prices.
  • Prompt arrival and servicing.
  • Excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Zero to minimal disruption at your property.

Call The Maid Place and have your home looking clean and beautiful!

Call us today to learn more about our services or receive a free quote! You can also schedule your own Plano house cleaning, we’ll get to you and complete the job in a timely manner.



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