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The Maid Place provides exceptional and reliable carpet cleaning services in Frisco TX and the neighboring areas. We have built a reputation based on consistency and reliability when it comes to carpet cleaning services. Whether you need simple or advance cleaning for your carpets, we have the expertise to get the job done right. We send only experienced technicians with a solid background in the industry of Frisco carpet cleaning. Our efficient and reliable solutions come as a great relief for homeowners, residents and business owners when they need their carpets to be professionally cleaned or want to restore and rejuvenate them.

The benefits you get with our services

  • A team of industry-based experienced carpet cleaning technicians
  • Availability of powerful cleaning methods on the market – for example, the hot extraction method
  • Stain removal included
  • Use of safe, eco-friendly cleaning products, safe for children and pets
  • Services suitable for cleaning all types of carpets
  • Competitive pricing, transparent dealings
  • On-time Service. 100% customer satisfaction
  • Free advice on how to maintain and enhance the life of the carpets

Why regular professional carpet cleaning is extremely important?

While carpet is one of the most excellent choices for flooring, it is extremely important to keep it clean or take proper care of it with routine maintenance. Along with routine cleaning and spot cleaning, it is also important to have them professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning will extend the life of your carpets. This is because the cleaning technicians know the right techniques to clean them. They will use the right techniques keeping the fabric in mind, and will also use eco-friendly products to clean them. With clean carpets, you and your family members will have improved health. Carpets quickly become home for allergens, dust particles and bacteria. If anyone in your home is susceptible to breathing problems, the dust particles in the carpets can trigger their breathing problems. So, professional carpet cleaning will remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. This will keep you and your family members away from allergies and breathing problems. In addition to enhancing carpet’s life and creating a healthy area, regular professional cleaning will enhance the look and feel of your spaces.

The Maid Place – Our Approach and Methods

We are a leading carpet cleaning provider in Frisco TX offering high quality services at extremely competitive prices. We mainly provide two main types of methods of carpet cleaning. They are:

Hot water extraction method – The hot water extraction method is the most updated and effective cleaning method. It gives great results.

Dry cleaning – The dry cleaning method is an alternative solution of hot water extraction method. It is used for soft fabrics.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

One of the most popular methods we use is hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. First of all, the surface is sprayed with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. After that, hot water is inserted at high speed or pressure, deep into the carpet. The hot water proves to be effective as it breaks soils and oils faster and extracts them instantly. This method is highly recommendable by Frisco carpet cleaning experts and the manufacturers. Hot water extraction is more effective for tackling stains of coffee, wine, beer, blood and other stains. This process is also recommended for high-traffic areas, dirt patches and more. This process helps to remove dirt and grime particles completely.

Dry carpet cleaning

At The Maid Place, we use dry carpet cleaning for carpets that are moisture-susceptible and fragile. For soft, sensitive pieces, we do not advise hot extraction method. The dry compound treatment will do the job without using any moisture. The effective and harmless cleaning product is spread with the use of a special machine, and then the cleaning is done. The end result is – all grime, dust and dirt are removed, and your carpet is dry, fresh and has a new look and feel. Our Frisco carpet cleaning experts use and advise this method for non-water resistant and delicate fabrics. This method is also effective as your carpets will dry up as soon as the procedure is completed.

With our company, you can have your carpets cleaned to pristine new condition at a competitive rate. Our experts also work on different methods depending on the nature of the fabric of the carpets.

Why book a carpet cleaning in Frisco with The Maid Place?

We use methods that are latest in the industry and the methods always give outstanding results. We have cleaner who are fully-trained to our industry’s standards. We use industrial power equipment and effective detergents and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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