Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Allen, TX

The Maid Place provides our customers throughout the Allen area with exceptional carpet cleaning services. Our reputation has been built upon years of reliability and quality service. Whether you need more advanced cleaning, or just basic cleaning for your carpeting, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. We hire only experts who have experience and training in Allen carpet cleaning. Our cleaning methods work well for all our clients, whether they’re homeowners or business owners who need their spaces clean.

The benefits of our carpet cleaning services:

  • A team of trained and qualified carpet cleaning experts.
  • Knowledge of the best carpet cleaning methods available.
  • Stain removal in addition to overall carpet cleaning.
  • The use of pet-, kid-, and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Services suitable for cleaning all types of carpets.
  • Affordable and transparency in pricing.
  • Prompt and timely service.
  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • Suggestions on how to maintain your carpeting after we get the job done.

Why is it important to have your carpeting professionally cleaned?

Despite carpeting being a popular flooring option, its beauty only lasts if the material is properly maintained. Proper maintenance means regular cleaning and spot cleaning, as well as professional cleaning. Professional cleaning is important because it extends the life of your carpeting. Since professional carpet cleaners know the exact methods to remove certain stains and bacteria, they’ll be able to get the job done better than a simple vacuum would be able to. They’ll use the proper cleaning methods for cleaning your exact carpeting material, and they’ll also use eco-friendly products to do so. Carpeting that has been properly cleaned means better air quality for you and your family since those allergens and bacteria will have been removed. Carpeting tends to capture allergens and dust particles, which negatively affects the air quality of a home. If any member of a household has asthma or other breathing issues, such allergens could cause even more problems for them. Professional carpet cleaning services remove such dust and allergens, which will reduce any breathing problems. Along with making your home more healthy in terms of air quality, regular professional cleaning will help improve your home’s appearance.

The Maid Place’s approach to professional carpet cleaning

We’re among the top providers of professional carpet cleaning services; we offer quite competitive prices. There are two main methods we implement for our carpet cleaning services are:

Hot water extraction method – This method is the most advanced method and has produced some of the best results.

Dry cleaning – The dry cleaning is used for softer materials.

Carpet cleaning using the hot water extraction method

The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is sometimes called steam cleaning. First, the carpet is sprayed with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. After that, hot water is inserted at high speed or pressure, deep into the carpet. The reason hot water is so effective is because it breaks apart dirt and oils easily. This method is highly recommended by Allen carpet cleaning experts and carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction is quite effective in removing deep-rooted and dark stains. This cleaning method is also recommended for areas of high traffic and any dark patches on a carpet as it will remove dirt and grime instantaneously.

Carpet cleaning using the dry cleaning method

At The Maid Place, we use the dry cleaning method for carpets that are delicate and vulnerable to damage caused by excessive moisture. Since the softer carpeting material is more delicate, we can’t risk using the hot water extraction method. For such materials, the dry cleaning method gets the job done just as well. We use our special equipment to apply our eco-friendly product product, and then the carpet is cleaned. You end up with fresh, clean carpeting with no dirt or grime in sight. Our Allen carpet cleaning team prefer this method for more delicate carpeting materials. It’s quite effective as well.

With The Maid Place, you can have your carpet cleaned and looking as good as new at an affordable price. Our team uses different cleaning methods depending on the type of carpeting material you have installed in your home.

Why hire The Maid Place for your Allen carpet cleaning?

We guarantee the best results because we use high-quality products and equipment, along with the latest cleaning methods. Additionally, our carpet cleaning team is trained to industry standards. We use high-power equipment and quality cleaning products, and guarantee results that exceed expectations.

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The Maid Place has the carpet cleaning technicians and the best equipment to have your carpets looking as good as new. We’re polite, professional, and get the job done right. So, call us at 214-644-0111 to schedule your carpet cleaning today!



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