Increase the life of your carpets with professional carpet cleaning in Frisco, TX

The Maid Place is a leading cleaning service provider with a team of professional carpet cleaning experts in Frisco, TX. Our experienced team consists of specialists in advanced carpet cleaning methods, and they are highly trained to give your carpets a new-like look and feel. We are known for providing brilliant services and are proud to have a long list of satisfied customers who count on us whenever they want their carpets to be cleaned professionally. No matter what material your carpets are made of, we have the right team, methods, products, and equipment to clean them to perfection.

Professional deep carpet cleaning equals better health

When you have visitors at home, they will first notice your carpets. And if you can see stained, smelly, or dirty carpets, your visitors can too. The Maid Place has a team ready to provide you with the deep cleaning of your carpets that will leave them odorless and spotless. We use the best cleaning products available in the market and the latest equipment to ensure you take pride in how your carpets look.

Dirty carpets can have a negative impact on your health. If you have ever experienced an allergy, asthma problem, sinus congestion or watery eyes, it may be due to dirty carpets. Dirty carpets harbor different organisms including mites, mold, bacteria and dust. Our carpet cleaning services are effective. We will remove bacteria and other harmful organisms from your carpets and provide you a healthier experience at your home.

Our unique carpet cleaning process in Frisco, TX

The Maid Place follows a unique approach to clean your carpets. Our carpet cleaners will decide the right cleaning process once they arrive at your property depending on your needs.

Step 1

We examine your carpets. We will come to your home and identify all issues including the stains and the dark patches. Our carpet technicians will make note of these areas and pay more attention while cleaning.

Step 2

Our carpet technicians will vacuum your carpets before cleaning. We do this in order to eliminate any dirt or dust that may be sticking to the surface. If vacuuming is not done, the dirt may seep into and penetrate the carpet fibers upon cleaning.

Step 3

After vacuuming the carpets, we will offer pre-treatment services. This is where our carpet cleaners will target those stained and dirty areas they identified earlier. We will use specialized cleaning solutions that digs deep into the carpet fibers to loosen and remove the stains and odors.

Step 4

We will deep clean your carpets. Our carpet cleaners will be using high-quality equipment to scrub the carpets and remove the stains, dirt and odors.

Step 5

After we have scrubbed the carpets, we will steam clean the carpets. We will use a machine to extract water from your carpets and leave them clean and moisture-free.

Step 6

Finally, our carpet cleaners will perform a final inspection to make sure the carpets are cleaned properly and all the stains and dirt are removed from the carpets.

When you rely on us for carpet cleaning in Frisco, you can expect:

  • Dust, dirt, stains and allergens removal
  • Deep cleaning
  • Use of effective high-quality cleaning products
  • Clean, spotless better-looking carpets
  • On-time services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer service

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