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Keeping the house spick and span under all conditions demands a lot of attention, time, and energy. Many people find it challenging to maintain it, and the last thing they want to do when back home after a hectic day is to see a filthy home. You have two options in this situation. Either spend hours cleaning or hire a maid service to take care of all your house cleaning needs. It is here we come into the picture.

The Maid Place is a professional house cleaning service provider dedicated to clean thoroughly, completely, and reliably. Our aim is to provide you high quality and consistent services; and make you an extremely satisfied customer. We have a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled cleaners who know how to deliver great results.

Before you come up with the thought – “How can I find a professional maid service near me”, you should have some solid reasons why you should think of hiring maid services.

Here are the good reasons:

You get time to focus on other important tasks

Hiring a maid service provider for proper cleaning service will give you some breathing space and time to focus on other important tasks. You have more time in hand to focus on your family and friends.

You get a cleaning job done by professionals

The cleaning service providers are trained and experienced in providing proper cleaning services. They will take care of everything and ensuring that you have a healthy living atmosphere.

You get a clean hygienic happy home

Regular, reliable cleaning sessions help in eradicating all kinds of harmful germs and bacteria from the house and provide you with a clean, hygienic, and happy home.

Use of safe and effective equipment and materials

Professional house cleaning service providers always use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure the highest standard of cleaning is maintained in and around your home. They always focus on using safe and effective equipment and materials to make sure the highest standard of hygiene is maintained in your house.

You get a huge variety of cleaning services

When you will search the keyword “local house cleaning services near me” on Google, you will come across many cleaning companies in your local area that provide an array of cleaning services including deep cleaning, move in and out cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and more. If you hire one of them, they will cater to all your requirements.

When you use our home cleaning services, there will be no more stressing over a filthy home. Our professionals will make sure your home is spotless and smelling fresh when you walk through the door. Having a clean and tidy home will give you the opportunity to focus on your family and will keep you relaxed. Our house cleaning rates are competitive. So, rest assured, you will enjoy great services at great house cleaning prices.

What are the traits of a professional house cleaning company?

Before you hire a professional for house cleaning, you should look for the good qualities in them. Here are the traits of a professional house cleaning service provider.

Good reputation – Before you hire one, you should ensure they have a proven record of offering great services. You can find out about their reputation by visiting their website, their work, feedback from the customers, and doing a research online.

Exceptional work – You should partner with a service provider that is devoted to high quality performance, no matter the job is small or big.

Experienced crew members – It is always sensible to work with a house cleaning company that has a team of experienced crew members. Your home is filled with a lot of things and you will ensure they are not damaged while cleaning is performed. With experienced cleaners, you can rest assured your belongings will remain safe when the professionals work in your building.

Use of safe cleaning products – A professional house cleaning company will use environment-friendly cleaning products to clean your house. They will also ensure the products are effective and produce excellent results.

Punctuality – You will always want your service provider to be on time and complete the job on time. A good cleaning company will ensure to be at your place as agreed and complete the job as requested.

So, be careful when you are hiring a house cleaning service provider. At The Maid Place, our professionals possess all the qualities that help in providing exceptional services. We also offer deep cleaning, move out cleaning and apartment cleaning services.

Deep cleaning services

Deep cleaning is a complete or overall cleaning of your home. It is a cleaning service that you may need once or twice a year. We suggest this cleaning alternative if you did not have your home cleaned within the past few months or if you do not use regular house cleaning services. Deep cleaning incorporates all the chores of regular cleaning but with more concentration to areas that you may have forgotten to clean with time or are difficult to reach. Our cleaners know exactly where to concentrate their efforts on, whether it is the space under the bed or any corner that you have never tried to clean overtime.

What are the benefits of a deep cleaning service?

Before you come up with the thought- “how can I find professional deep cleaning services near me”, think about the benefits of deep cleaning services. Every nook and corner of your house will get attention. The job will involve moving everything, including the furniture and cleaning under them. For example, when you hire professional kitchen cleaning, they will just clean the fronts of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and the microwave. But when you go for professional deep cleaning, they will be cleaned inside out. Better indoor air quality – Thorough cleaning of every area, including carpets, furniture, walls and upholstery, will make your house free from dust and allergens. Everyone at home will breathe fresh air. Escape from bacterial and other microorganisms – Dirty or filthy place is a breeding place for micro- organisms. Regular cleaning involves cleaning of only the outer surface and is not effective in eliminating bacteria and other micro-organisms responsible for illness and infections. With deep cleaning, you are not just cleaning; you are actually disinfecting the house. This will kill the potentially harmful pathogens. Eradicate clutter– Deep cleaning will give you an opportunity to discard things that you are not using. This will help you eradicate clutter and have more space for other activities. If you search for house cleaning companies near me, The Maid Place will be on the top on your search. Here is the checklist for our deep cleaning services.

  • Dust all easy to reach surfaces
  • Clean through all mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean door handles and light switches
  • Wash all floor surfaces
  • Pick up the clothes and other items off floor and arrange them properly on a chair
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Removal of dirty spots and stubborn stains

We also provide deep cleaning for kitchen and bathrooms. Here is the checklist for deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchen.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

Clean kitchen after a deep cleaning

  • Thorough washing and sanitizing the toilet, shower, bathtub, and sink
  • Wash all easy to reach surfaces
  • Clean all mirrors, glass fixtures, door handles, and light switches
  • Clean all walls
  • Vacuum, or sweep and mop floor surfaces

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Clear the sink and load dishwasher with dirty dishes
  • Wash and brush the sink properly
  • Wash cabinet fronts and appliances
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave, refrigerator, and stove
  • Wash all floor surfaces
  • Wash and clean countertops surfaces including tiles or backsplash

Our professionals will also help you if you need thorough cleaning of your cabinets, fridge, oven, interior windows, walls, and other areas. So, if it has been awhile you have not indulged in professional deep cleaning, and then it may be the right time to schedule a professional deep cleaning from The Maid Place.

Choosing The Maid Place for your deep cleaning needs

So, why you should turn to The Maid Place when you think of hiring a deep cleaning service? We have genuine competitive house cleaning rates, so you know what you are paying for, and you won’t run into any surprises when it comes to paying for the services. Our crew members are experienced in completing the job right the first time. Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our professional cleaners.

A reliable and honest apartment cleaning service

Do you feel overwhelmed by the task of keeping your apartment clutter-free and organized? Don’t panic or stress out! The Maid Place will provide you high quality apartment cleanings services at the best price, with flexible schedules. You can get your apartment cleaned by our professionals in a hassle-free way. We have the cleaning experience, know-how, and teamwork to complete the work right the first time. Whenever you come up with the thought – which service provider offers high quality apartment cleaning services near me, think of us. We will offer you exceptional services at cost-effective pricing. The first step to any great apartment cleaning starts with a professional cleaner. The job is considered to be a challenging job but when you have professionals work in your apartment, you can be assured the work will be done in a hassle-free way. Cleaning the apartments requires knowing how to correctly clean and disinfect all kinds of different surfaces

Customized Apartment Cleaning Service From The Professionals

We understand a good cleaning starts with efficient and experienced cleaners. This is because apartment cleaning is considered to be a tedious job. When professionally done, you will find your apartment clean and tidy. There is no easy way to clean an apartment without any training or experience. Home cleaning requires knowing how to thoroughly clean and disinfect all kinds of different surfaces and spaces. Here at The Maid Place, we have the knowledge and experience to do the job without any hassle or disruption. Our cleaners are background checked, vetted, and highly skilled to provide you personalized services. Whether it is a studio apartment, a 2-bedroom apartment, or a luxury apartment, our cleaners are equipped to show up great results. Our working schedules are customized for you. We are happy to work with you around your timelines. We can also provide you deep cleaning services if you have guests or if you need to get things back to their place and keep everything organized. Are you moving to a new apartment? We also specialize in move in and out cleaning services. Our cleaners will clean the old apartments for the new tenants or give your new apartment thorough cleaning so that you do not face any issues or stress while moving in.

What is included in your apartment cleaning?

Living spaces, bedrooms, and common area cleaning

We will dust all the surfaces; vacuum the floors, carpets, and area rugs. We will wipe down all mirrors and glass surfaces, make beds and change sheets.

Bathroom cleaning

Our professionals will clean your bathrooms with complete dedication. We will clean toilets, showers, baths, sinks, tiles, and floors to your satisfaction level.

Kitchen cleaning

The kitchen in your apartment should be clean and uncluttered as you will spend good time making food for your loved one. Our crew members will clean the counter tops, floors, and the outside of the appliances like the stove top and fridge. We will clean all stainless steel surfaces to make them shine. We will also take care of your dishes. We will put them in the dishwasher.

Special request services

We also provide special request services for apartment cleaning. We can provide you overall oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, cabinet cleaning, and more as additional services if you ask us.

Experienced cleaners to keep your apartment clean

The Maid Place offers comprehensive cleaning services for apartments and condominiums, allowing the owners to concentrate on important things in life. By exceeding their expectations, we give our customers the freedom to concentrate on their professional and personal lives. The majority of our customers live in condos and apartments. This has helped us to accumulate a huge amount of experience to meet the needs of these buildings.

When you search for “apartment cleaners near me”, we should be on the top of your list.

We provide an apartment cleaning service that signifies clearness and excellence. We believe in complete transparency. We want you to know exactly what you are paying for, and we will not surprise you with any hidden charges. So, be ready to say goodbye to the time-consuming task of cleaning your apartment. Call us straight away to discuss your needs. You will find a of difference in your apartment. We can also help you with move in and move out cleaning services.

Let The Maid Place ease your moving in and moving out cleaning

The thought of moving into a new home is exciting. You will look forward to new beginnings, unique lifestyle, and more. However, when you take a closer look at the list of tasks that you need to take care of, you may find it overwhelming. The list of things that you need to take care of includes decluttering, packing, organizing, and cleaning. Looking at all these things, you will find how stressful actually it is. This is the reason we at The Maid Place offers assistance to those who want to own a new home. We offer them a complete range of move-in and move-out cleaning services. Our move out cleaning service is a systematic process of cleaning the house to put everything in order for the next tenants. On the other hand, move in cleaning service includes all the required cleaning and organizing needed to prepare the house for the new occupants.

Why should you consider us when you come across the thought- how to find a reliable move out cleaning services near me?

If you look at the broader image, both moving in and out cleaning processes are exhausting. With all the things to take care of, right from work, family, and other engagement, cleaning will make your life stressful. Worry no more as The Maid Place is here to help you. Partnering with us will help you forget about cleaning and concentrate on other things that matter you more in life. We will provide you the cleaning services your previous as well as current home deserves. Here are the benefits of hiring our move in and move out cleaning services.

Gives you more time to concentrate on things that matter you most

As we will be taking care of your moving in/out cleaning, you can spend your time sorting things, what can be used and what can be used as a donation, and trashing out things that are of no use to you now. You can accumulate your time and energy for unloading and settling things instead of stressing yourself over taking the task of cleaning dust and dirt.

You save both time and energy

Cleaning chores like scrubbing the floor, vacuuming, mopping, dusting the furniture, shelves, and checking every corner for dust is not that easy. This job would take a good amount of your precious time and energy. When you hire us, you can make good use of your time by visiting your new home, checking the neighborhood, and doing an estimation of the entire house like the electrical devices, valves, and other things. Our professionals will take care of the entire cleaning task.

Gives the tenants a good and fresh start

Everyone likes a clean space. So, you can give the new occupants a brand new start by giving them a clean home. Let our cleaners remove all garbage, do the dusting, remove dirt and stains from the kitchen and bathroom, clean the toilet and shower and vacuum the floor. Treat your rental apartment or home with the love that it actually deserves. So, now you can see, moving houses can be really tough. A lot of things have to be done, including scheduling, packing, and hiring a moving company. The Maid Place can help you in making your move hassle-free. We will manage everything needed for moving in or moving out, including vacuuming, mopping, dusting and scrubbing. Be assured, all your belongings will remain safe while cleaning as our team is experienced to perform the work in a professional way. Most importantly, our services come at competitive house cleaning prices. We provide customized cleaning and even we have the provision to complete extra work if you have any for us.

We are a house cleaning company you can count on

The Maid Place is a leading house cleaning service company located in Frisco, TX that takes pride in providing excellent house cleaning services. We have many advantages in comparison with other cleaning companies and cleaners. Here are the top reasons:The Maid Place Van

  • Our cleaning professionals are knowledgeable and experienced
  • Our experts are punctual and always arrive on time
  • We can build a personalized plan of cleaning for you
  • We have competitive house cleaning rates, and there no extra charges
  • We use superior quality cleaning supplies
  • We provide 100 percent customer satisfaction
  • Our cleaning experts are licensed and insured
  • We work till the cleaning job is complete

We understand that time is precious for you, and our team can provide you a great deal of support so that you can concentrate on doing things that matter most to you, whether it is business or your work. Our mission is to give you complete peace of mind by relieving some of your daily stress by offering you complete cleaning solutions.

Contact us today!

Why stress when you can make use of our exceptional house cleaning services? Turn to us when you come up with the thought – “I want a professional maid service near me”. We know you will be satisfied with our services. You are invited to discuss your requirements with us and get a free estimate from our professional cleaners.



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