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House cleaning is no fun. In fact it is both time and energy consuming. It is tedious, dirty, and can also end up giving you a bruised knee or any other type of injury. And for those who live a hectic life, cleaning tasks can leave them with less or no time to concentrate on their family or other personal activities. To make home cleaning easy, people take help of professional home cleaning services. The experts will make your home spotless clean in a short period of time. Also, you will get time to engage with more enjoyable activities.


With so many home cleaning company serving Frisco, TX and the surrounding cities, house cleaning has developed to a higher level. The service providers provide a complete suite of home cleaning services in Frisco, TX to satisfy the needs of their customers. They have an expert team, use the right and advanced tools, and cleaning products to do their job right first time.

Here, we will educate you about some of the main cleaning services you can ask from a house cleaning service provider.

REGULAR OR GENERAL CLEANING SERVICESdifferent types of house cleaning services

If you dream to walk into a spotless hygienic home without taking the pain or time to involve in DIY cleaning, you can think of using regular or standard house cleaning services. The dedicated cleaners are true professionals. They will make your space spotless and inviting. Every regular cleaning involves cleaning of bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, and the common areas. They will dust all accessible areas, wipe down all glass fixtures, door handles and light switches. They will mop and clean the floors of your living space, common areas and bedrooms. In bathrooms, they will wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, sink and the bathtub. They will clean the tiles, floors and make sure there is no dust or any ugly spot on the surface. Your kitchen will also get a good look after the cleaning job. The professionals will clean the front of the cabinets, appliances and wipe clean countertops surfaces including tiles and back splash.


The house cleaning companies in Frisco TX also help with specialized house cleaning services. Mentioned below are some of specialized house cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning: You will find many homeowners who overlook cleaning of carpets but it is wrong. You should not forget it. If overlooked, they can also collect a lot of dirt, pollen, pet hairs or other type of debris. If you are allergic or have elders and kids at home, it is worth hiring carpet cleaning services in Frisco. The cleaners are professional in their approach. They will use the right cleaning supplies and tools to clean your carpets. They will make your carpets spotless.

Window cleaning: While standard house cleaning will involve only cleaning of interiors of windows, specialized window cleaning will take care of both exterior as well as interior of windows. The professionals will make sure your windows remain shiny and clean. They have the right equipment and cleaning supplies. They will also clean windows that are very high.

Sofa cleaning: With professional sofa cleaning services, you no longer have to worry about the state of your sofa sets and costly furniture. They will clean the stains and spots that you have been attempting to remove for a long time. They use powerful vacuum cleaners to get rid of all stains and dirt your sofa sets have been accumulating.



One time cleaning services means hiring house cleaning services for one time only. Different type of one time cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning – As the name implies, deep cleaning is much more comprehensive than regular cleaning. The professionals will invest time in thorough cleaning. They will clean the cabinets, ceiling fans, appliances, and difficult spaces to reach. They will take care of the stubborn stains and spots.
  • Move in/move out cleaning – Professional cleaning companies also provide move in and move out cleaning services. They will work on every area, be it interior or exterior so that you are relaxed when you move in or move out of a property. It is an intensive cleaning that will lift the look and feel of a home.


Homeowners also choose services depending on the frequency of service. You can identify the type of services you need for your home.

  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Bi-weekly cleaning services
  • Monthly cleaning services


If you want to hire professional house cleaning services, let The Maid Place help! The Maid Place is a leading house cleaning company in Frisco, TX offering different type of house cleaning services to keep your home tidy, shiny and spotless. No matter what is the setup of your home, we tackle everything, from living space, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Our team is composed of trained and courteous cleaners that can cover all aspects of home cleaning. We use safe cleaning products and cleaning tools to do the job correctly. We save you time, energy and money, while providing you high level of service. We will provide you regular home cleaning as well as recurring and specialized services.

Please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your cleaning needs with us. We can also provide you with an estimate on the services you are interested in.


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