03 Nov,2020 | Cleaning

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means that all your out-of-town guests will be here even before you realize it. Even though it’s something that we love and look forward to, having guests over for holidays can take a toll on your house.

Casual wiping down countertops or sweeping is not always enough. But don’t worry, The Maid Place is here to help you get that stress-free holiday season you’ve been looking forward to. In case you need assistance in cleaning before or after a reunion, contact us today to help you get started right away.

Our professionals have enough experience to help you make your home look its best. With their industry experience in mind, here is a list of things you need to get done before your guests arrive.



Your front door is going to be your home’s first impression. In case your door opens into an open-air hallway, you need to brush off any cobwebs, pollen, or leaves that get accumulated near your entrance.

Wipe down everything that looks dusty and make sure that the front of the door is well lit before they arrive.


Clutter can make your entire house or room look messy, especially if it’s a smaller unit. Clutter could also lead to stress, so you should clear it whether you are hosting guests or not. Before the reunion, tuck away as much clutter as you can.

This includes picking up any loose receipts, papers, bags, etc. lying around the house. Clutter can also be applied to too many decorative items or books unarranged on tables or shelves. Limiting the number of items on these surfaces helps to make the room look and feel less busy.


Start by cleaning the primary areas where the guests will be staying and using, for example, the guest room and bathroom. Wash and clean linens and towels and replace them with fresh ones.

Take some time out to vacuum and dust the rooms; if possible, sweep and mop the floors in both rooms as well. Make sure you sanitize the bathroom, which includes wiping down the cabinet interiors and faces.

Replace the trash can liner and hang fresh hand towels for use. Refill all soap dispensers and usable stock supplies such as toilet papers in the vanity.

Cleaning also includes wiping down door jams and light plates, which get dirty with fingerprints over time: dust windows, light fixtures, and window coverings, they are often overlooked during everyday cleaning.


If your guests plan on using a common area such as a living room or the backyard, clear off some space for them to set personal items. Storing your personal items until the guests are gone could help you free up some space.

Focus on leaving some empty baskets and clear drawers for your guest to use during their stay. This is to be done in the bathroom, as well. Make sure they have enough room to store all their necessary items.

Keep a plunger handy in case they face a clog.


Consider lighting a fragrance such as an incense stick, essential oil diffuser, scented candles, or a room freshener. Add some extra towels, bed-sheets, blankets, and pillows in case they need it.

Try to think like a B&B and add those special touches like some travel-sized items that your guests may have forgotten. You could even put out a bowl of fruit or candy to make it even exceptional.


Now that your home is spotless, it’s time to give some attention to your decorations.

Amongst all our house cleaning tips, this is the one that matters the most during any holiday season. Make sure that your decorations are in their best possible shape. If they miss some parts, look dusty, or need some final touch-ups, make sure you get them done before your guests arrive.

Make sure that all your holiday decorations look as beautiful as the rest of your house. All things said, sometimes it could get overwhelming to do all this cleaning by yourself, hire a cleaning service like us who specialize in apartment cleaning. Doing so could save you both stress and time.


We often get all worked up because we try to take more than our fair share. Consider alternatives that could help you share the burden, like hiring a professional cleaning service or asking a friend to help you organize and decorate.

Make it interesting enough for the kids to get involved. This could help you spend some quality time with your family as well. Take some time out to finally get those junk boxes to the dumpster or the sack of old clothes to the local donation center.

Starting early can give you some time and space to make this holiday season enjoyable for your guests and everyone else as well. The holiday season is all about giving, receiving, and spending some quality time with people who matter the most. Take time to reflect on the end of this year and acknowledge the beginning of next.


Most homeowners tend to take the job of cleaning onto themselves but are not satisfied with the results. This is because they are not professionals. If you live anywhere in or around Frisco, TX, and plan to get your home prepared to host guests, then The Maid Place is exactly what you need.

We have a team of highly trained professionals who can help you clean your house efficiently and conveniently. Our cleaners know all the techniques needed to clean every part of your home. Want to learn more about our cleaning packages? Call us today at 214-644-0111 to book a visit.

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