18 Nov,2020 | Cleaning

The fall season is undoubtedly a much looked upon time for most of us. The air is crisper, the foliage looks beautiful, and the weather welcomes winters. In addition to that, it also gets attention to deep cleaning. You’re more at ease and enjoy the holidays if there’s no overwhelming clutter around. So here’s an ultimate fall cleaning checklist to help you – as a Frisco homeowner – to organize all your stuff and get the house ready for your winter hibernation.


Living spaces are the most prone to collect clutter. Snacking on the couch, spillage, and stains, dirty footsteps all of it make this high traffic area the murkiest, especially when the windows and doors usually remain open. So once you’re done with the outdoors, start cleaning your living room and tidy this most used space.


  •  Vacuum under and over all the furniture pieces and light fixtures
  •  Polish the wooden furniture
  •  Rinse artificial plants and leaves
  • Clean the cabinets from both inside and outside
  • Dust all baseboards and other items
  • Broom/ mop/ vacuum the flooring
  • Wipe down the walls
  • Spot clean carpets and cushions


Your bedroom is your sacred space. It’s where you snuggle up or rest after a tiring day. But there is a lot more that needs your attention and usually goes undone. If it’s been a while you didn’t even flip your mattresses, do that now. 

  • Vacuum under all furniture
  • Vacuum corners with a corner tool
  • Don’t forget the closet and switch out the seasonal clothes
  • Flip and vacuum the mattresses
  • Clean all rugs and carpets
  • Get clean and fresh winter bedding


Germs certainly love the bathroom areas and the fall season too, is full of sickness. So prevent any dangerous spread and refresh one of the most important regions of your house.

  • Clean all fixtures
  • Get rid of any mold or mildew
  • Wipe the tiles, if you have any
  • Clean bathroom grout
  • Clear the garbage bins
  • Discard outdated bathroom products
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Refresh towels, clean the toilet, and wipe the sink
  • Replace any needed bathroom systems


Your kitchen can be an especially busy area during the holiday season. So it’s essential to organize the stuff and cook in an orderly kitchen. This will also allow you to make sweet cooking and baking memories.

  • Clean kitchen grout
  • Seal/ polish the countertops
  • Empty old pantry items and fill in the holiday supplies
  • Clean and inspect all appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, chimney, oven, vents, and coils, etc.
  • Ensure cleaning behind the appliances
  • Wash, dry, and disinfect garbage bins


If you went a little too easy with summer cleaning and just got rid of the visible dirt and grime, deep clean throughout the house. Target areas and spaces that you may have forgotten all this while. Create a list to see everything gets the needed attention. A few components on the list may include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Disinfect doorknobs, switches, remote controls, etc.
  • Steam all touchpoints for that extra cleaning
  • Clean and reverse any of your ceiling fans to help accelerate the flow of heating during winters
  • Clean and/or change the heating and cooling system filers to further reduce its wear and tear
  • Check your smoke detectors for if they need any fixes
  • Spruce up your workspace
  • Clear the attic area
  • Toss the drapery into the washer or send those for dry cleaning
  • Inspect and sweep your chimney and fireplace, so these are safe and ready for use


Walk around the house and take a good look at the areas that need to be winterized. Hire professionals if you aren’t aware of the stuff that may require cleaning and repairs. Everyone’s home is a bit different, so you may have unique requirements. This makes you the best judge to add or minus things that may apply to your checklist.

  •  Carry out pest control measures, so rodents and insects don’t wreck around
  •  Dust and clean the shades, blinds, door frames
  •  Rake and bag the tree leaves
  •  Clear the yard of any debris
  •  You can also pressure wash the roof and patio
  •  Clean the garage and furnace filters
  •  Sweep the different outdoor chimney elements
  • Wash the windows, window sills, and its groves
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts so they don’t clog with autumn leaves and lead to moisture or mildew buildup
  • Give even your cleaning equipment such as land mowers a good scrub before those get dormant in the upcoming season 
  • Clean the outdoor furniture, so the stains don’t become difficult to get rid of post winters
  • You can move the outdoor furniture to the storage area or at least secure it with custom covers to prevent rusting or staining outside


There are a gazillion tasks that stay variable to every person and each house. However, this fall cleaning checklist will be a great starting point. It’ll also give you excellent ideas to prepare for the winter months.  Make sure to use environmentally friendly cleaners that are also safe if you have kids and pets around.


If you already follow a spring cleaning checklist, it’s time to repeat most of those tasks this season as well. Start with cleaning the outdoors, and as the weather gets a little chilly, move indoors. Doing some extra work right now will get you ready for the holidays in winter without as many hassles.

If you don’t want to do it all yourself and wished there were magical elves to take care of fall cleaning and winter prep – contact professional cleaners. Cleaning stuff is best left to the pros so you can focus on things that need your most attention. At The Maid Place, we have been serving the people of Frisco, Texas and surrounding cities with professional house cleaning services. You can certainly rely on us to meet all your cleaning needs if you’re in Texas or around.

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