Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sales Tax and Maid Service

One of the many questions we get is about sales tax. A lot of people (especially from out of state) think of Maid Service as a labor service like moving which is not required to charge and pay sales tax to the state. In Texas, however, that is not the case. Texas considers having a cleaning service a luxury and it is subject to both state and local taxes. Sorry guys! I wish I didn’t have to charge it but if I don’t I still have to pay it! For more information check out the link below!!

<3 Amanda

We are officially blogging!!!

Hey everyone! I have been wanting a blog on our site for a while now and I am SO STINKING EXCITED that we have one now! This will be a place where we will share cleaning tips, information about staff, holiday and weather related schedule changes, etc… So stay tuned! We will update at least once per week but likely more!! Thank you so much for your business!

<3 Amanda <3